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Bee-Bot and the computing curriculum

As teachers we are enjoying the challenges of the new Computing Curriculum in Primary (Dfe, 2013) . We are gradually adapting our practice to integrate the new objectives but our old favourite Bee-Bot still has a big part to play and is a great way to introduce younger children to algorithms. Year 1 are enjoying creating their own sets of instructions to direct Bee-Bot around the mat. Next week  we will be extending this by using the computer software to complete on screen tasks.

20150225_150753 20150225_161253 ICT Photo

Ahoy There!! Pirate Ship Art – Year 1

This week we have been working on some artwork connected to our cross curricular topic, “Pirates”. This lesson was adapted from an article on Deep Space Sparkle which is an amazing place to find art ideas for all age groups.

We worked over 2 sessions, firstly to create the sea and then to collage the ships. The first session was guided but the children were given freedom to add details as they wished during the second session. The results were fantastic!

20150119_153326 20150119_155633

Creating the sea using different shades of blue and adding texture with plastic combs.

20150205_113759 20150205_113904 (1)The finished pictures were all quite different as children added their own ideas to their work.




Early Years – People Who Help Us At Home

Last week the children in Early Years visited the Post Office to send special cards to their families. We thought carefully about the people who help us at home and wrote a thank you message inside a personalised card.

IMG_20150119_210758 (2)

We then went to the school office to get some stamps and (with some help) carefully stuck our stamp in the right hand corner of our envelope. At the Post Office we met the cashier who told us more about sending mail and the children took turns to post their letters.

IMG_20150119_210611 (2)

Everyone had a great trip to the Post Office and the children are looking forward to their cards being delivered!

Back at school our Post Office role play area enabled lots more writing and maths opportunities. During their play the children used the stationary in our class writing box (items such as envelopes, note cards and stamps) to write letters and postcards to their classmates, which they posted in the post box.

IMG_20150119_210857 (2)

They also enjoyed weighing parcels and putting the packages in number order.

IMG_20150119_210927 (2)

Exploring 3D Shape

Year 1 have been learning about the properties of 3D shapes. They enjoyed constructing their own 3D shapes using marshmallows and toothpicks. They were asked to look closely at the number of edges and vertices needed for each shape and also to discover which shapes could not be made with these materials and why.

Amazingly no marshmallows were actually eaten during the construction stage but there was some finger licking taking place!!!

20141201_125702 20141201_130200

Early Years – Humpty Dumpty Science

The children in Early Years have really enjoyed a range of Humpty Dumpty inspired activities this week, particularly an exciting Science investigation! Each child became a Science detective to help solve a problem – How can we stop Humpty Dumpty from breaking when he falls off the wall?

image (14)

The children predicted whether or not Humpty Dumpty (a hard-boiled egg) would crack when dropped off a wall surrounded by different materials (feathers, cotton wool, marbles etc.). Before making their prediction everyone was given the opportunity to touch and explore the materials and then we discussed their properties as a group (if the material was soft or hard, heavy or light, etc.). Afterwards we had a class vote and recorded our predictions on a chart by colouring either the smooth egg or cracked egg in the correct column.

image (15)

Early Years had great fun dropping the eggs from the wall and (to be honest) were more excited in making the eggs break than trying to protect them!:)


Year 1 Capacity

This week our Year 1 class have begun to learn about Capacity. Lots of exploration and practical, hands on activities were needed to help the children’s understanding. Their favourite activity was finding out whose shoes had the biggest capacity by filling them with cubes. We used a hundred chart to aid counting.

And what did we learn?

“Capacity is how much stuff you can fit into something, how much cubes or water something will hold” – Raymi, 6 years old

“Yurena’s shoes had the most capacity – she has boots!” – Leandro, 5 years old

How many cubes can your shoes hold