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Early Years – Humpty Dumpty Science

The children in Early Years have really enjoyed a range of Humpty Dumpty inspired activities this week, particularly an exciting Science investigation! Each child became a Science detective to help solve a problem – How can we stop Humpty Dumpty from breaking when he falls off the wall?

image (14)

The children predicted whether or not Humpty Dumpty (a hard-boiled egg) would crack when dropped off a wall surrounded by different materials (feathers, cotton wool, marbles etc.). Before making their prediction everyone was given the opportunity to touch and explore the materials and then we discussed their properties as a group (if the material was soft or hard, heavy or light, etc.). Afterwards we had a class vote and recorded our predictions on a chart by colouring either the smooth egg or cracked egg in the correct column.

image (15)

Early Years had great fun dropping the eggs from the wall and (to be honest) were more excited in making the eggs break than trying to protect them!:)