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Early Years – People Who Help Us At Home

Last week the children in Early Years visited the Post Office to send special cards to their families. We thought carefully about the people who help us at home and wrote a thank you message inside a personalised card.

IMG_20150119_210758 (2)

We then went to the school office to get some stamps and (with some help) carefully stuck our stamp in the right hand corner of our envelope. At the Post Office we met the cashier who told us more about sending mail and the children took turns to post their letters.

IMG_20150119_210611 (2)

Everyone had a great trip to the Post Office and the children are looking forward to their cards being delivered!

Back at school our Post Office role play area enabled lots more writing and maths opportunities. During their play the children used the stationary in our class writing box (items such as envelopes, note cards and stamps) to write letters and postcards to their classmates, which they posted in the post box.

IMG_20150119_210857 (2)

They also enjoyed weighing parcels and putting the packages in number order.

IMG_20150119_210927 (2)