Monthly Archives: April 2015

Circle Painting

I have been looking forward to trying circle painting with my class since I spotted the idea on Pinterest recently. This was the video that gave me the idea.

This week we gave it a try in the classroom, in small groups, with 5 or 6 children painting at the same time. The children watched the video first to give them the general idea. Ideally I would like to do this outside with the whole class painting at the same time but the weather wasn’t great this week so this was just an  experiment to see if they enjoyed it. It was a  great way to introduce the children to working collaboratively on an art project and, yes, they loved it.

DSC_0010   DSC_0015


DSC_0022  IMG_0031

Their concentration and enthusiasm was amazing and most were reluctant to leave the activity. It was also great to see their shared sense of pride and ownership at the end of the activity. I can’t wait to try this again on a larger scale.


‘Egg-tastic’ Easter Egg Hunt

Firstly, Happy Easter to all of our followers! I thought today was an appropriate time to share some of the ‘egg-tastic’ fun we have had in Early Years.


Moving away from the more commercial chocolate egg hunt, Early Years thoroughly enjoyed a new take on the activity. With the help of the Year 3 Easter bunnies, twenty numbered eggs were hidden in some very creative places around the school grounds. Early Years worked in teams and practised moving safely around school to find them. They looked underneath, inside and on top of objects.


When the children thought they had found all of the eggs, with a little bit of help from Year 3, they ordered them by lining up on the patio.


When we had counted twenty eggs, we all went back to Early Years for a party and cake!