Monthly Archives: February 2017

Cleaning Brass!!

I have recently discovered an early years lady called Kirstine Beeley through her Facebook page and her blog –  She has lots of great experience and amazing ideas. Her recent book ‘This Is How We Do It‘  is full of great things to do in Early Years. One of the things I really liked was how she uses metal and wood and other natural materials in her sand and water play so, when I recently spotted these great brass pots I knew I had to have them. Before using them in the sand I wondered if the children would enjoy cleaning them with some salt and lemon  – they loved it. Lots of great opportunity for language and discussing the changes and what was happening as the children worked hard to make the pots all shiny! We had a great morning and now have bright shiny pots for our sand and water play.

(All  photos with parental  permission)